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Sharing economy and the new play control

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“For you, to you” is being replaced by “With you, by you”. Enter the new play control initiated by the collaborative economy. Continue reading


Digital innovation at Netexplo Change

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Netexplo Change is a yearly rendez-vous for highlighting the transformative impact of digital within large companies. Trends 42 projects were assessed  at Netexplo Change this year, selected on following criteria: digital initiative, recent, innovative, impactful, and with a French scope. … Continue reading


3 horizons of Cocreation

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While innovation is the brand’s lung, cocreation is the cornerstone to nurture the relationship between brand and community. Continue reading


Berlin’s soft power: leading by innovating (2/2)

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More and more people want to build a company in Berlin, and if it fails, well, it’s OK. Let’s discover two Berliner hot-spots which support innovation: Axel Springer Plug & Play and Ideas, and Berlin Partner Continue reading


Berlin’s soft power: leading by innovating (1/2)

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Everyone who visits Berlin can feel the cultural atmosphere and the creative spirit, which feed the German capital with an unrivaled soft power of innovation. Hub:raum, DT accelerator is definitely one of the places to visit for who's found of innovation. Continue reading


Management Innovation: give management a new lease of life!

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In the current challenging and uncertain context, management innovation can be seen as the most powerful competitive advantage as it is in-depth shaping an unrivaled corporate identity, which cannot easily be copied. Continue reading


Massive platforms for cocreation: the new normal? (2/2)

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Products and services that we use are developing in two, seemingly opposite directions: more personalized, and at global scale. These two movements – towards the global and unified- will increase competition, and can lead to a limited number of ”winner-take-all” giants. Continue reading