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Innovation stories – RNDI 2013 (1/2)

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Picked out from National Meeting of Innovation Directors hold in Paris last June, 5 sparkles seem to set the fire of innovation and entrepreneurship: slick public commitment, passion, pivot leadership, scientific Corpus, social and collaborative altruism. Continue reading


USI 2013? We’ve got a problem!

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USI event confirms its singular positioning, at the crossroad between designing future of digital technologies and sharing rewarding and deeply humanist management experiences. Here is a sum-up of the great presentations I attended. Continue reading


“Strong innovation with a broad impact” by Marc Giget, CEO of European Innovation Institute (2/2)

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Marc Giget is a French expert in the field of innovation enjoying an international reputation. Below is the second part of the interview we conducted with him (interview part 1), where we focus on what organization set-up and  how to introduce … Continue reading


“True innovators want to change people’s life” by Marc Giget, CEO of European Innovation Institute (1/2)

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Marc Giget  is a French expert in the field of innovation who enjoys an international reputation. A graduate from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, EHESS) and Doctor of International Economics … Continue reading