Irresistible IPTV growth in France

We believe that France will soon reach 5-6 mn IPTV subscribers!” That’s one of the statement from the interview I have given to IPTV News, during the IPTV Forum which took place in London last March. Despite strong competition from other cable & satellite platforms, I believe that IPTV has a chance to reach similar mass-market status in France “because IPTV brings a new user interface, new interactive services and new on-demand services“. The complete interview is available at : and let’s hope this statement of belief becomes soon real!


One response to “Irresistible IPTV growth in France

  1. Triple play is becoming a commodity and quad play making its case as well.
    I wish I could tell the same about Korea – even with FTTH, complementary state-of-the-art home networking service, RFID solutions and even a DTV enabled ultramobile PC I cannot enjoy this now basic feature. Regulatory hurdles explain the fact that Korea’s IPTV is lagging behind (around 3M subs still : ).
    In the Kingdom of broadband, I

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