There’s creativity in content, and in business model as well!

I was part of the Seminar “Creative content on-line” this week. This seminar organized within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union, was set-up by the Ministry for Culture and Communication, with the talented support of the Media Development Division (Laure Kaltenbach, Elisabeth Barges, etc).

Teamed with Jean-Pierre Morel, former executive manager and president at TF1, I had the great pleasure to manage a workshop dedicated to business model for content online. Guess what, things are really starting to move to make all kind of contents available to consumer in a legal way, and embracing a variety of business model depending on content industry (games, movies, music, press): there’s creativity in content, and in business model as well!

From ad support to device bundle, through rental and pay download, syndication, free streaming, …, this was a unique opportunity to share views with skilled representatives from a large number of industries and countries: thanks Laure for making me part of it!

You will find the complete conclusions at :


One response to “There’s creativity in content, and in business model as well!

  1. Very interesting indeed !
    I sincerely believe that convergence between media will bring a geometrical added value to the entertainment market. We’ve been observing the behavior of young consumers (8-12 years old) on the internet on compaigns such as the buzz and online community campaign for Floricienta ( And it’s astonishing to see how reactive and participative they are with internet content derived from a TV show. Of course mobile internet will accelerate this trend.

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