90 people at the first Transmedia Lab barcamp!

Something happened this Saturday August 29th… We came and we realized that we weren’t the only ones with the desire to create transmedia in mind: there were 90 others, on a Saturday, at the end of August, at this first Transmedia Lab!

Coming from multiple horizons, we embodied the crossroads that is transmedia, with creators of different disciplines, analysts of different practical uses, going from a desire to see to a desire to participate, according to the terminal and the context, actors of technologies seen from the angle of pleasure, interactive opportunities and the broadcasting possibilities that they create, producers, broadcasters, etc…

By telling our stories (serial killers to fairy tales, documentaries, video games, ARG…), by asking ourselves questions on the evolution of narration, on the non linear paths that we could offer our audiences, on the inclusion of gaming and participation, on the complementary skills that had to be incorporated, by analyzing the impacts on the network of channels, by sharing experiences, emotions, by listening, each was able to see a competent, benevolent and active network being created, that will be able to contribute to the answers. Mash-up, letting go, uncertainties, transmedia is rich with complexity!

I salute the work of our moderators, completed by the implication of each and every one, this is a great example of collective intelligence and very promising in terms of the cooperative work we can look forward to in the call for submissions!

Let’s stay aware, multiply the conversation, let’s catch the wind that will carry the different transmedia ships. Let’s enjoy the journey, which is as rich as the destination. Each one will trace his path and we won’t all have the same destination, but Transmedia Lab is committed to creating the next points of stop for us to reunite.

Photography Olivier Godest


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