Better than Moore ! by Xavier Couture, Orange Content Division Director

These are the new bases of creative thinking. How to ask the narrative questions; the subtle link that connects two imaginary worlds: the ones of the author and of the reader, audience or viewer.

This first Transmedia Lab Barcamp has held all its promises. A wave of enthusiasm is rising. But behind this moment of innovative exchange, something important is at stake: to make a program’s structure coincide with its broadcast medium. The question of the relationship between the signified and the significant, between the medium and the message, has always been around. Theatre was the first manifestation of a collective creative message. We came out of the primitive form of the storyteller to take the path of the imaginary re-creation of a world.

Each epoch has had to adapt to new forms of transmission. The latest to date are cinema and television. The acceleration that has followed the appearance of numeric technologies is a brand new challenge for the creative world.

Transmedia Lab has this vocation, and the enthusiasm which we realized would not be stopping after this first meeting, is a sign that creative energies have joined the law of Moore. Get ready technologists, creatives are back. They’ve understood the benefit that they can and must draw from their capacities to use all types of screens. The audience becomes the co-narrator, the narrator becomes the actor, all these mixes will revolutionize the different forms of writing.

We’re off, this Barcamp, bursting with energy, was a historic first. The challenge of networks and screens has been launched and it’s being taken up. Creatives, get your neurons in gear, we’re going to beat this good old Moore.





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