Transmedia = interdisciplinarity by Jean-Yves Lemoine

Jean-Yves Lemoine is a pioneer of the Transmedia domain, working on the convergence between technology, content and usage, and one of the contributors to the foundation of Orange Transmedia Lab.

Content, technology and uses are the pillars of transmedia. The content to meet audience uses has to be intertwined with the technology. This transversality is necessary. It requires a new interdisciplinary culture in which content, technology and uses form a complex system in the mathematical sense of the word.

A system that cannot be divided up into its component parts because each part interacts with the others and they all interact with their environment, with the world. This system can only be grasped as a whole, via all the entry points at once. That requires a whole culture, not just specialists to see to specific aspects of the component parts, but also a strong across-the-board culture to do full justice to the “trans” side of transmedia.

This complex system contains another system concealed inside it, in the diversity of the media. The various media – TV, the Web, mobile, video games, cinema – cannot be conceived of separately: they also need to be conceived of in the aggregate. Complementary stories feed on one another and enrich the transmedia metaverse as a whole.

Cross-disciplinary skills are resources that have to be developed and expanded: each of us should become a specialist who understands and works with their peers. Each specialist should learn from others and practice “re-entry”, i.e. integrating into their own trajectory the results of other specialists’ work in order to enhance their own work.

We need to develop this cross-disciplinary culture, nurturing particularly in young people a curiosity, an affinity, for diversified learning.

Transmedia is an intersection for this cross-disciplinary creation, the place where content, technology and uses converge.


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