69 projects applications to the transmedia call for projects!

69, “the beautiful year” said Gainsbourg! For us, this will remain the symbolic number of your desire for transmedia.

We have received 69 projects: without revealing anything, the domains covered are rich: fiction, documentary, games etc, and other creations that I couldn’t summarize in one word because of their originality. The transmedialab.org mailbox didn’t explode even if some projects were literally very heavy: the consolidation of the call for projects gave many GOs…

But it’s not so much these quantitative elements that moved those teams and we felt that throughout our interactions. We are very touched by that, thank you. It would seem that Xavier’s post on “taking on Moore” was taken literally!

Your trust in us is giving us a sense of responsibility for the respect of the projects’ confidentiality and the selection process that is beginning.

Choosing will be no easy task for our jury and we want to undertake it with the utmost professionalism, this is why we’ve created a jury that brings together competencies, diversity, and of course, interest in transmedia.

In parallel, we’re preparing the next step for the co-development of projects. Our intention is to provide efficient support in a framework that will allow creativity to express itself and for the transmedia project to take flight. It’s an ambitious bet to revisit the creative framework and to build a proposal for a new path that we can follow for the next 3-4 months of work on these projects: what motivates us already is the multi-disciplinary nature of our teams which is a source of creativity.


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