A transmedia emergency for French fiction ?

At the recent Fiction Festival of La Rochelle, Bertille OSSEY-WOISARD (AFP) drew a clear and alarming report: “half of the French audience for fiction is above 60 years old and only 15% under 35 years old!” (source NPA). There is an urgency to “reconcile the under 40 audience with French fiction.”

This is not a fatality linked to the fiction genre since “American fiction, on the contrary, attracts much more young people (32%)”.

French television channels are rallying to find solutions: widening the spectrum of genres (fantastic, thriller, adventure), resorting to series formats, creating series other than the classic police genre, shortening the formats to 26 minutes, “sometimes even to just a few minutes for the web, in order to adapt to new lifestyles, depending on the channels”. “But for the 15-24 year olds, comedy remains the most attractive genre according to the NPA. The broadcasting of series on the internet (web-series) is essential to attract some audiences that no longer watch television, according to Arte and Canal+.”

The focus is only on the web, not on mobile phones, ARG, videogames, or community participation …to reach the under 35 year olds, but it’s already a first step toward transmedia.

With the 69 proposals that responded to the transmedia call for entries, authors and producers are clearly motivated and already have things to say. Transmedia allows them to reinforce their creativity, combining different media, technologies and uses that are specific to each medium. It’s also becoming a must because of a simple realization: if we want to reach the young generations, we have to be present on all the media that they’re using.

If creators have understood it, and broadcasters are perceiving it, it’s just a matter of leading the advertisers and their brands in that direction: to be seen, heard, consumed, be present where the people are, be transmedia!


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