“Breaking the old borders !” by Xavier Couture, Orange content division director

Transmedia dreamed it, you did it. In a few weeks, what started as a good intention, a desire, a conviction that we needed to burst the windows open, became a reality. In a few days, we will get together to choose 5 of these 11 projects to follow. But they’ve all made an impression on this first edition of Transmedia.

They all constitute a founding myth for a new era of imagination and creation. “Inventing is thinking sideways” said Albert Einstein.

Congratulations to all, it’s a pleasure to reconnect with you on Thursday, our hope of seeing these new forms grow to serve the new technologies are living up to the challenge.

Multiplying the occasions of seeing and listening, increasing the size and the debit of the pipes is not an end in itself, it’s sometimes even a danger. We came together to tackle this challenge, to make it an opportunity for the expression of imagination and to allow each person to contemplate the numeric world like a vast playing field for creation and invention, breaking down the old borders.


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