Why the cube is taking me for a ride (HBO The Cube)

Of course, it’s a joy ride! Let’s be grateful to HBO for the creativity of its teams. HBO’s The Cube is not transmedia content, however, it’s a form of narration that would be interesting to take a closer took at: transmedia stories could happily adopt some of its concepts.

In a few words, here is what I like about HBO’s The Cube:

  • the richness of its points of view: the process reminds me of Queneau (Exercices de Style where the author forces himself to write the same story 99 times) or the Quatuor d’Alexandrie (which Marc mentioned in the comments of his post about Time Code) one story told by different people becomes several stories; it’s also the result when three people are asked to do a facial composite of a person: you get three different faces! With The Cube, it’s only a question of different angles, the camera is not subjective…even though: it doesn’t lack intention. It’s a concept that would be completely reusable to change points of view between the story on TV and the one on the Web or mobiles.
  • the possibilities of different paths: as we move away from the cube we discover a vast ramification of possible paths; within each path, there is a logical order, for the rest, each one chooses his entry point into the story. It’s particularly successful here and adapted to the context of use, we can think of the different paths remarkably displayed in Gaza Sderot.
  • because the image is the main vehicle of the story: in the context of a huge player, with almost no dialogues, it’s a “silent” story happening under our eyes, only the images speak for themselves, in  a universal language.
  • because, of course, I can see the short formats “whenever I want” and I can add them up “just the way I want”; these days it’s every evening with a new episode of The Cube!

More deeply, the meaningful symbolic of the show touches me. These characters that are locked in a cube where we can see the same scene several times make me think of the repetition of our everyday lives: same places, same commute, same circle of friends, same feeling of inhabiting just the tiniest part of space and time at a global scale, of going around in circles in the cube…then we discover the ramifications, a logic comes out through the connections, each one is an encounter, each encounter is an emotion, creativity awakens, the architecture of the story materializes…all these situations start making sense, give meaning to the story, the meaning of our lives.

To discover the story: hbo/imagine


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