Transmedia Lab chooses its five winning projects from the transmedia call for projects issued on 2009/09/09

On October 22nd 2009 we made the final selection from the transmedia call for projects initiated by Orange Vallee’s Transmedia Lab and consecrating the emergence of a new form of audiovisual creativity. This first edition revealed a very creative selection of great quality and remarkable diversity.

The 11 teams selected came to pitch their project in front of a diverse jury of audiovisual and Internet professionals. We would like to thank all the teams for the quality of their presentation and their preparation for this delicate exercise. At the end of the day, the jury debated to choose five winning projects that will be followed in their development process.

This selection closes the transmedia call for projects launched by Orange Transmedia Lab in early July. When we launched this call, Xavier Couture wrote: “The uses of the audiences and the consumers are changing. They naturally go from one media to another, following their favorite contents on different screens. Orange wants to encourage this evolution and give an impulse for the creation of natively transmedia projects”. The participation and the technologies are the bases of new forms of creation for authors: “Be ready technologists, creatives are back!”. Transmedia Lab has the vocation and the goal of creating a creative spark with the transmedia call for projects.

The spark lit a fire and 72 projects were submitted to Transmedia Lab in September. If we consider that they were answered by multi-disciplinary teams of 3-$ people, it’s almost 300 professionals in the creative field that answered the transmedia call for projects!

Beyond the numbers, two points made us especially proud:

–          the quality of the projects confirms that transmedia is a source of creativity for authors

–          the projects covered a great variety of domains: fiction, documentary, games, evens, for very different audience targets… and a mix of processes: web, mobile, tv, cinema, videogames, etc… proving the openness of transmedia to multiple contexts.

The 5 winning projects are great examples of this variety of transmedia themes:

–          “The American Eye” (“L’Oeil Americain”): a police series immersing the audience into a bank robbery (Production: La Générale de Production – Authors: Gregory Magne and Stéphane Viard)

–          “Because the Night”: a romantic comedy with suspense (Production: Bridges Films – Author: Julien Capron)

–          “Ouiki TV”: a comedy news program with a twist (Authors: Catherine Cuenca and François Cora)

–          “Numerus Clausus”: a suspense comedy taking place in a hospital (Production: Mascaret Films – Authors: Brice Homs and Alexis Nolent)

–          “The lost child” (“L’enfant perdue”): a fiction mixing intrigue and digital information (Authors: Emilie Tarascou, Simon Kansara, Pablo Sala Hourcadette)

A 4 months intense development phase now begins to help the winning projects in their transmedia writing and the Transmedia Lab has planned a series of workshops and expert interventions to enrich these projects. “We came together to take on this challenge, make it an opportunity for imagination and allow each and every one to contemplate the numeric world as a vast playing field to create and invent by breaking down the old borders!” concludes Xavier Couture.

The Transmedia Lab jury was presided by Xavier Couture, Orange Director of Content. This jury represents several professions and includes personalities recognized for their competence and their openness to innovative formats: Frédérique Dumas (Studio 37), Michel Reilhac (Arte cinéma and Pixel), Eleanor Coleman (TF1 Jeunesse et Nouveaux Médias), Harold Valentin (France Télévisions Fiction), Philippe Bony (M6 Fiction, Jeunesse, Cinéma, Sport), Vincent Solignac (Scriptwriter), David Tomaszewski (Director), Martin Rogard (2.0, Dailymotion), Patrick Eveno (CITIA, Festival d’animation d’Annecy), Liz Rosenthal (Power to the Pixel -UK) and Jean-Louis Constanza (Orange Vallée).


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