Transmedia, the buzzword of 2010?

This is the title of a post by Sven Larsen on the blog, a reflexion blog about digital innovation: it was created by Zemoga, an avant-guard company in the creation of new immersive interactive experiences.

After reminding us of the definition of transmedia given by Henri Jenkins,(“storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player’s understanding of the story world”) Sven expresses his conviction: although transmedia has started in the world of entertainment, in the next few years it will touch all aspects of marketing and advertising.

Since the multiple communication platforms lead to a multiplication of the messages to touch people where they are (or as we recently wrote “be present where the people are, be transmedia!”). And if brand communication is storytelling, then it’s just common sense to use the most recent techniques of transmedia storytelling.

In the transmedia process, Sven reminds us the importance of the transmedia “bible” dear to Jeff Gomez, whose work as a transmedia pioneer we’ve already touched upon (transmedia future of the business): it’s a bible that assembles the different players of the universe and its laws, and allows creators to develop ramifications on the new media without compromising the identity of their story. Sven Larsen compares this bible to the work that’s done on a brand’s guidelines, its definition and its legitimacy.

To draw attention and create consumer commitment, brands have to reinvent their communication approach, create innovative formats (Sven names the example of an online comic book instead of a plain book) to insure the coherence of the messages between media: transmedia is this new form of communication with consumers.

Today, no studio would launch a film without a rich interactive component. The game, the book, the virtual world and many other media are part of the new transmedia marketing mix. As the brands start using the new formats (the occasional game, Internet communities, viral video etc) they will reach the same model. In conclusion, Sven says: “Transmedia is here to stay”.

If Sven Larsen talks of the transmedia trend as a process that begins with entertainment to extend to the brands, the people in charge at M6 Web and, were symmetrically talking in October on BFM, of “approaching the shows like brands”. Commenting on the explosion of web and catch-up television for series: series are the channel’s brands, their presence must be developed on all media used by the audience in a complementary way.

This way the loop is complete, entertainment (fiction, documentary, series, etc…), brands, advertising and transmedia – as a way of approaching a story, a presence on the different media, with each media contributing to the enrichment of the story’s universe – is indeed at the crossroad.

Read:  The new buzzword for 2010 – Transmedia ? de Sven Larsen

Listen:Interview du 28 Octobre,, Arnaud Bosom Interview du 15 Octobre, M6 Web, Valery Gerfaud

See: Henri Jenkins and Jeff Gomez interview videos


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