Transmedia workshops, a first !

Article presseThe first support workshop for the 5 winners of the transmedia call for projects took place on November 4th. The participants were the five winning projects, intervening experts invited by the TM lab, early transmedia-philes (producers, scriptwriters, TV channels, web agencies,…who already attended the barcamp), eager to learn more and bring their support to the projects.

Everyone agreed it was a total success, an important moment for our development thanks to the quality of the projects and of the interventions, the freedom of the tone, the creative spirit and the desire to build something together that came out. With regards to that, Bénédicte Lesage de Mascaret wrote us this note which is worth all the rewards in the world: “Thank you again for the quality of yesterday’s event, it brought together creativity, competence and the desire to create transmedia projects. A great opportunity for us to reinvent new ways of telling stories, other stories.”


After a morning session with the 5 projects including a pitch and a series of questions and answers, which allowed each project to benefit from the perspective of others, the afternoon was dedicated to a transmedia immersion with the following interventions:

  • Sociology and audiovisual uses (Fabien Granjon, Orange Lab)
  • ARG (Michel Reilhac, Arte; Julien Aubert, Fait Moi Jouer)
  • Transmedia storytelling (Transmedia Lab)
  • Transmedia Web: zoom on the a website, Gaza Sderot (Upian)
  • Transmedia Mobile: Mobile opportunities for transmedia (Esther Adler, Orange Lab)
  • Development of a digital community around a content (Charles Liebert, Orange Vallée)

A second series of workshops was dedicated to the enriching of the story and its implementation on the different media, one project at a time. The new meeting on November 26 allowed us to tackle the following subjects:

  • Participation of the internet users and contend development, linking with the brands (Albertolli Sandra, ex Dailymotion)
  • Transmedia Web: analysis of website contents, review of present functions, zoom on the video player (Transmedia Lab)
  • Structure of a viral script. Zoom on the communities that we can create around the 5 projects (Charles Liebert – Orange Vallée)
  • Study of the uses based on series’ fans (Sandrine Ville) and review of a series’ fan wiki: Lostpedia (Karima Rafes and Transmedia Lab)

By the end of January, 4 workshops will have taken place with the 5 winning projects: transmedia immersion, transmedia story and system, participation, community and tools, finalizing the transmedia project and financing strategy.

Michel Reilhac et Julien Aubert parlent d’ARG lors du premier Workshop Transmedia Lab from transmedialab on Vimeo.


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