Transmedia storytelling: new opportunities for content creators to address digital consumers

Public and consumer uses are changing. Naturally combining one media with another, audiences follow their favorite contents on any kind of screen: cinema, TV set, mobile devices, web, videogames… These audiences immersed in the 2.0 culture develop an active participation mode, take ownership of the stories, and become more and more involved as actors in their own stories, as “spect’actor”.

Transmedia storytelling addresses this evolution:  every chapter is conceived specifically for the media distributing it, and each chapter builds on and adds to the previous one rather than repeating the narrative, thus creating a unified and enriched story universe. Viewer discover a universe with multiple ramifications across devices, participate to community dedicated to the content they like, and get closer to the story creator.

Orange intends to assist transmedia creation and consumption, and I initiated Transmedia Lab as a way to spark transmedia creation. It’s an open place of exploration and audacity bringing together players from different worlds: television, cinema, video games, Internet, etc.

Transmedia Lab has 4 main courses of actions:
events and exchanges on transmedia,
– sponsoring and coaching transmedia projects (call for projects)
– training on transmedia and new content (Transmedia Lab workshops)
– exploration and development of specific transmedia tools (transmedia asset management, players, wiki, metadata enrichment …)

In a few weeks, what started as a good intention, a desire, a conviction that we needed to burst the windows open, has become a reality. Catch up on Transmedia Lab!


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