2010 transmedia lab “new challenges”

I hope this New Year 2010 will mark the continued growth of crossmedia and transmedia!

In 2009, we’ve seen new changes to the digital landscape, here are a few non exhaustive notes:

  • the emergence of 3D with the worldwide success of Avatar and the omnipresence of 3D at Las Vegas’ CES
  • the extreme speed of the mobile internet evolution with more than 3 billion iphone applications downloaded in the past 18 months: an unprecedented growth in uses that the Android Competition and Google Nexus One should only reinforce
  • the advent of Internet Television with the many connected TV offers (like Orange and LG) and the new generation decoders mixing Internet and Television like the Orange Box
  • an explosion of video traffic on the Internet: video has become the first source of traffic, the bandwidth is not free for online video websites that position themselves on paying services (Youtube and Hulu)
  • the increase in spending on Internet advertising: the UK is the first country that has seen the Internet overcome Television with the record sum of 1,75 billion £ in S1 of 2009. Dominique Delport of Havas Digital confirms it: “Internet has become the spine of any media strategy and not a sideline”
  • the increased attendance by 5% of French movie theatres, meaning more than 200 million entries despite illegal downloading; the American box office has reached 10,6 billion $, a new record, thanks to Avatar and 3D which brings about an increase in the ticket price of about 2€; 600 films were produced in the USA, which, proportionally to the 200 French films produced, is a testament to the French creation activity
  • some amazing numbers from Asia: one multiplex opens every day in India and China, the attendance is 5 billion people in China against 1,5 billion in the USA…
  • 10 000€ for an HD camera of high enough quality to shoot a film that can be projected in theatres.

Transmedia Lab is part of this effervescence and aims to surf this wave, the “new wave” of transmedia creation! Our ambition for 2010 is to develop our mission as a catalyst of transmedia projects with 3 priorities:

  1. Finding and following projects: the 5 winning projects from the call for projects have developed their transmedia universe within the Lab, they will be presented in Cannes at the MIP TV; until then, we are working with the teams to find financing from broadcasters and brands that will allow them to begin production; the transmedia call for projects will be re-launched in 2010 around the month of March: in the meantime, there are also the Orange creation workshops that were launched in December!
  2. Training for transmedia culture and know-how: modules of 1,3 or 5 days have been created for broadcasters, producers, directors, authors and digital agencies interested by brand content; we will give this training an international dimension by starting a partnership with Yves Jeanneau’s Sunny Side, present in Europe, Asia and Latin America and by working with Poland, which has a long history of cinematographic creation and where Orange has an assertive content policy; we also want to start working with schools: we will soon be addressing the INA sup and meeting the Femis.
  3. The tools to manage transmedia production: management of content and multi-screen broadcasting, integration and participation to a community video player, declensions into Iphone applications and use of flash codes, monetization of interactive services and collection of consumption data, short cycle production, these are the many aspects that we wish to facilitate through the Transmedia API


And if we had to formulate our wishes for transmedia in 2010, they would be:

  • that French broadcasters and creative financing start welcoming transmedia creations, that partnerships between channels increase risk-taking regarding those products which are indeed innovative but are the only way of bringing young people back in front of the television

  • to acquire an International know-how for transmedia creation, taking advantage of the Internet media’s natively trans-border nature to touch a larger audience and seduce brands with a larger market.

Photographies by Olivier Godest.


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