Transmedia “new wave” by Xavier Couture, Orange content division director

We are convinced that within 5 years, the majority of audiovisual production will be conceived for plurimedia: a TV series, a film, a documentary, an echo on the Internet or on mobiles.

Get ready for the transmedia wave to roll onto all your screens!

Transmedia is at the crossroads of two phenomena:

  • The evolution of uses: spectators combine screens to consume content. Today, more than 1 million Orange users view video on their mobiles each month. We see the appearance of “multitasking” behaviors with a simultaneous activation of several screens; new technologies are supporting routines practiced since the beginnings of television; thanks to Twitter people are commenting shows like Pop Idol or Koh-Lanta by prolonging the traditional commentary that takes place in the family unit or in front of the coffee machine!
  • The diversification of the broadcasting networksrepresents a great opportunity for creators to improvetheir narrative worlds and mobilize unusual, immersive, interactive formats at the crossroads of games, fiction and reality. This diversification is going hand-in-hand with a more widespread accessibility to the required production equipment: an HD camera that can be used to make a cinema-quality film costs no more than € 10,000.

This new wave of transmedia creation is not going to slacken any time soon because it meets the need of broadcasters to bring young people back to television. They have to go and find this audience on its own ground. Essentially, transmedia is a powerful tool for moving young audiences between different media.

This wave is new because it is causing the emergence of new types of role: in the language of transmedia, one talks about “story architects”, “experience designers”and “online community managers”! It is bringing about a new way of working, involving multidisciplinary teams within a transversal approach that breaks down the barriers between old entities and new media. This in turn is integrating writers, producers and broadcasters within a relationship of co-creation.

Several months ago, Orange founded Transmedia Lab, which has given rise to a blog that welcomes contributions connected with transmedia storytelling ( and assists creators throughout the entire course of their projects: professional training in workshops, project coaching, creative tools that make it possible to access Orange’s networks in order to optimize the transmedia programmes interactivity and social engagement. Orange now has a clear lead in the development and implementation of a native transmedia mechanism.

The Transmedia Lab platform is a place, open to all, where contributors can exchange expertise and experiences. It brings together a network of skills and encourages creativity and the emergence of a new form of writing which makes it possible to switch between the various screens used by a consumer. In order to strengthen its links with French producers, the Group has also launched the Orange Ateliers de la Création (creative workshops for innovative, multi-screen projects), and supports the digital formats of the Fondation Beaumarchais in cooperation with the SACD (the French writers’ and composers’ association).

The Orange Group is particularly delighted to be able to contribute to the Nuit des Medias and applaud the talent behind its prize-winning projects. We have come together to rise to the challenges posed by transmedia, make it into an opportunity for the imagination and enable everyone to view the digital world as a vast playing field where they can tear down the constraints that used to apply and create and invent freely!


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