Rapid innovation, signs of movement

A quick post to reflect some signs of innovation in movement those days:

  • Glaxo (Hervé Gisserot, GlaxoSmithKline CEO) is redefining his R&D model, and setting-up small entities of 60-70 people; these entities have a 3 years roadmap which mean they have to deliver some results in a 3 years time;
  • Airbus (Charles Champion, Airbus Vice President Engineering) integrates customer feedback in his innovation (historically mostly engineering driven, moving to an “interaction” innovation model), and is adapting the “concept car” processus to the airplane industry: welcome to the “concept plane”;
  • Veolia has started an Innovation Accelerator program which consists in industrial partnerships with start-up (clean-tech) emerging in his industry; Veolia helps them test and roll-out their innovations, and support their commercial development with his dense relationship network.

Creating small dedicated entity with a framework impulsing creative tension, building concept car / plane and fast prototyping,  looking for open innovation and partnering with start-up selected out of the “innovation market”, are 3 the principles developed in my thesis “Organization for rapid innovation“.

It’s great to see that these principles, based on innovation related  books and academic articles, are “alive and kicking”!

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