Transmedia storytelling: taking advantage of the media

Two recent examples, in this case tablet devices, illustrate how the capabilities and utilization of the medium can enrich the story and fuel the interaction with the audience.

Have you got into the habit of moving your iPad about, of turning it to switch from portrait to landscape format? Touching Stories has designed a fictional story in the form of an iPad app which uses the specific capabilities of the medium to generate interactivity: here, you can dial a number, shake the screen or browse through videos – but take care, the characters react!

As part of a well-conceived marketing operation, an iPad containing the preloaded app was presented to a number of carefully chosen CEOs at Cannes.

The well-known design agency, Ideo, has explored three new ways of reading at a tablet device. The third of these mechanisms, known as Alice, takes advantage of the medium’s capabilities to create a genuinely interactive and playful experience.

When creative minds make full use of the media and technology… to be continued!

Read also this short post which provides a good explanation of the difference between crossmedia and transmedia, with the latter of these exploiting the specific characteristics of each medium to develop new messages.





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