Transmedia TV series

A concise and impactful article about transmedia TV series has attracted our attention, it addresses all the concepts that are important in our eyes : a script that’s adapted to multitasking (twitter in parallel with a TV series), audience participation to the story, and the announcement of Arte’s next series, starting in November on the web, then on TV. Addicts is produced by Mascaret, the producer of La Journee de la Jupe, and one of the winners of the Transmedia Call for Projects with Numerus Clausus.

Addict will have a strong interactive component since the internet user will be able to “build his own story based on several factors: characters, places, story, social networks.” This approach makes us think of Gaza Sderot, which offered the user the possibility of creating his journey based on a location, a character or a date. A personalized journey, like a videogame where several people play the same game but each match is different.


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