To be successful, Smart TV has to centre around the viewer experience

In the perspective of IP&TV World Forum where I will be speaking on March 23rd, I have completed an interview with IPTVnews editor, Jamie Beach, about latest IP&TV trends:

What developments have you witnessed in the IP&TV industry in the past 12 months?

The main developments I have witnessed are related to Smart TV phenomena. Smart TV is bringing the Internet over TV through devices such as connected TV, the latest generation of set-top boxes, and connected game consoles. We’ve seen product releases such as Google TV, Apple TV’s new release, Connected TV by Samsung, LG, etc, Microsoft X Box with Sky Live TV, Telecom Italia Cubovision, Freebox Revolution, etc…

Smartphones have been a revolution in the way we use our mobile: Smart TV promises the same future if it succeeds in matching TV with the Internet experience. Smart TV achievements will rapidly iterate and my belief is that they need to move to a completely TV-designed experience, giving simply and rapidly access to an infinite amount of content and services, powered by the Internet.

To be successful, Smart TV has to centre around the viewer experience: that’s what we’ve focused on with SoTV, the smart TV we develop at Orange.

What disruptions do you anticipate for your existing business models as OTT TV continues to grow?

I think OTT TV – and more broadly speaking connected devices that are able to deliver linear and on-demand TV services outside of traditional subscriptions – raise the question of the customer ownership for MSOs. As a multi-screen operator, our challenge is to build “connected experiences” for our customers in a world full of offerings that can also drive complexity and inconsistent experiences.

Whatever devices they use to access our content & services, either built on our own or in partnership through open innovation, customer should feel the “Orange experience”, and value the engagement of Orange as their “digital companion”.

What do you plan to focus on at this year’s IP&TV World Forum?

At IP&TV World Forum, my focus will be on defining the next TV experience, combining TV viewing with Internet content & services, and what’s beyond TV with TV apps, the second screen and content discovery.


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