Mobile video and video mobile: a “slight” difference

Last Thursday I attended the 6th Mobile Film Festival organized by passionate and friendly Bruno Smadja. The challenge is as follows: you have 1′ to shoot a motion picture using a mobile camera.

A selection of 50 “1′ movies” was then screened at l’Arlequin Theater. The results are absolutely amazing, and the 50′ went by in a flash. Moving from emotion to comedy, playing drama or serious topic, each of the 50 movies has its own identity, and the laureates are mirroring this great variety and talent.

Have a look at all mobile videos on the Mobile Film web site.

One thought about this is that the 1′ framework may help film makers to face the creative challenge: as we see in innovation, “narrowing the scope actually helps the innovation team“. It doesn’t prevent “ad lib” shooting as we saw with best screenplay “T’appuies là“, but helps to focus on the impact of the artistic creation.

“Mobile video” can be watched in a theater or a mobile, then it meets “video mobile” meaning watching video on your mobile.

Last trends about “video mobile” are phenomenal. Allot Communications Mobile Trends Report shows how video streaming drives mobile data usage (73% growth in 2010 S2) as “it remains the fastest growing application type, accounting for 37% of mobile bandwidth”. YouTube alone is accounting for 45 % of total video traffic, and 17% of mobile data bandwidth usage.

Will one day “mobile video” be a significant part of “video mobile”? That’s the best I can wish for them. Though mobile films are not restricted to be watched on mobile, their short format and rythm, and their sense of intimity fit very well with mobile usage. They would only need to be “geolocalized “and “reality augmented” in the future, to take full benefit of mobile media!


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