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Creative tension is good for you!

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Innovation is no serendipity” says Braden Kelley in Innovation is No Accident: “When it comes to innovation, good ideas are a dime of a dozen”. The story of Newton’s falling apple is surely not what happened to Charles Goodyear: “Discovery … Continue reading


Innovative Design: creating unknown objects

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I had the chance to attend a few weeks ago a lecture on C-K design theory. It was delivered by brilliant  professors Pascal Le Masson and Benoît Weill, two among the three referents in C-K methodology, the third being the … Continue reading


At the crossroad of Design and Innovation

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At the crossroad between innovation and design in digital industry, Remy Bourganel kindly accepted to go more in-depth into this topic. Remy is Head of  User Experience  & Design at Orange Vallée, and professor in charge of interaction and service … Continue reading