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Social TV makes the sparks fly at Orange

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I will be speaking at Connected TV Summit next Wednesday about “Orange’s ‘Blended TV’ and the impact of ‘social’ in television“. Following a previous interview with IPTV News by Jamie Beach last February, let’s come back on the uptake of … Continue reading


Luminous design for a bright Smart TV experience! An interview with Dale Herigstad

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What is the future of Smart TV? How to create a luminous design that will enlighten TV experience across devices, and make it really consistently Smart? Who could tell us the way better than Dale Herigstad. Dale is Chief Interaction … Continue reading


Where Innovators and Entrepreneurs Intersect

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Autonomy, liberty, divergence are innovation drivers but are they opposite to management rules? In other words, “Can innovation or innovative design be managed?” asks Gilles Garel in his “Innovation Chair” speech. Management science is the way to lead a collective … Continue reading