USI 2013, an event not to be missed

usi-headerAre you committed to an Information Technology that transforms our society? You should be part of the USI event on June 24 and 25, the singular meeting between Geeks and Bosses!

This year’s conference will be structured around 4 comprehensive matters:

  1. ‘Elsewhere’ will cover next disruptions: transhumanism, augmented reality, Internet of Things, intelligent personal assistant, Fab Labs, predictive systems, societal transformation;
  2. ‘Soon’ will share shrewd tips on latest technologies: Web Giants inspiration, best practices from Asia, Cloud datacenters management, on-board computers machine learning (AI), coding experts;
  3. ‘Together’ involves new collaborative ways of working: DevOps, Openess, Management 2.0, change management, software craftsmanship, multiculturalism, knowledge sharing;
  4. ‘Today’ will address in plain words IT division current issues, developments efficiency, refactoring, IT system evolution, value creation opportunities, mobile working, customer experience.


Below are a few sessions I’ve picked up for my visit: they illustrate how digital is pervasively coming into our life, and showcase a list of great speakers who will take a step back, and help us understand this thorough mutation.

  • Carlo Ratti, Architect and Teacher  at MIT, will unfold his vision of Smart City, the new ‘green’, including smart transport and smart buildings, that he prefers to call ‘senseable city‘; he will discuss ten areas of innovative applications – form transport to energy to civic engagement;
  • I’m not such a fan of personal assistant until now: only fools don’t change their minds, so I will attend Norman Winarsky’s session to know what the future holds in store regarding more human-like, multi-modal, and proactive next generations of Virtual Personal Assistants. Norman is VP of SRI International, who launched Siri in 2008 and was further bought by Apple in 2010, to become a product phenomenon embedded in iPhone 4 and 5;
  • Amit Sood, creator of the Google Art Project, which presents world’s greatest works of art with unrivaled details,  will share how his passion for art led him to turn the Art Project from idea to reality;


  • David Rose is Product Designer and professor at MIT. His work is abour how new products must psychologically resonate to succeed. He will present a useful framework for designers and executives to prioritize which products to imbue with which new enchanted services;
  • Marc Giget is THE French reference for innovation culture, managing ‘les Mardi de l’Innovation’, and Fondator of Institut européen de stratégies créatives. He will analyze new actors and new products who should lead the way out of the current crisis, and will present the European assets that will play a big role in this renovation;
  • Bruno Jarrosson is a fellow graduate from Engineering School Supélec, an author of several books blending management, philosophy, and humanism; he will help us capture how time understanding may lead to a better life, unfolding time’s secret giving reason to the hours we live.
  • Last but not least, Vint G. Cerf is VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, and co-inventor of the architecture and basic protocols of the Internet. His session is named ‘What’s happening on Internet ?’.

To join this paramount conference, take a moment to discover the complete agenda and Register.

To follow-up on USI news: @USIEvents

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