Start-up Chile: go start-ups, go! with Nicolas Shea

startup chile startupnations.orgNicolas Shea, as founder of Start-up Chile, initiated a peculiar venture: its aim is to welcome startups in Chile, helping them to start their business using Chile as a platform to go global. Beyond mundane money appeal, Nicolas created a terrific game play for start-ups, valuating entrepreneurs’ social activities, resulting in building social equity. Below are a few extracts from Nicolas’ presentation at Netexplo.

Start-up Chile mission

Start-up Chile is a program on behalf of the Chilean Government that seeks to attract early-stage companies to start their business using Chile as a platform to go global. Its mission is to transform Chile into the leading innovation and entrepreneurial hub of LatAm. There are various incentives:

  • One year work Visa;
  • $40,000 nonequity seed capital;
  • soft Landing and hospitality;
  • Latin America networking and market access;
  • Chilean cultural experience, language learning, and history making opportunity.

The magic social trick

A creative social gaming triggers start-ups networking:

  • Start-up Chile asks all hosted start-ups to engage in social impact activities with the community;
  • It shows Chileans that ‘it is possible’;
  • Dedicated activities are focused on schools, sharing their experience as entrepreneurs;
  • Giving specific tools such as business model, lean canvas, and more.

Substantial payoff

startup Chile results

Start-ups entrepreneurs come from every part of the world:

startup Chile worldmap

Capital invested is over $50 m USD, 8 companies were acquired, and 1025 jobs created. Let’s zoom on some succes stories among the yearly selection of 300 start-ups:

1. WeHostels, ‘finding a hotel right from your phone’



2. Pact, collecting fines when you don’t achieve your weekly exercise goals, and pays out real money when you do!

3. SaferTaxi, ‘Book a taxi fast and free, and travel safely’


4. Nubelo, leading marketplace for freelance servicesNubelo

 Apply now!

Accelerate your business while transforming a country, and experience a life-changing moment!

Next round is June 2014:

contacts startupchile



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