Digital innovation at Netexplo Change

netexplo-change-2014Netexplo Change is a yearly rendez-vous for highlighting the transformative impact of digital within large companies.


42 projects were assessed  at Netexplo Change this year, selected on following criteria: digital initiative, recent, innovative, impactful, and with a French scope. Innovation is defined as a new way to solve a problem. The way its fits into the transformation of the organization, and how it paves the way as a reference for future projects, are highly valued. Trends unfold this year were about customer knowledge (data being eventually accessible), online and offline personalization, cocreation with innovation communities, and new usages, like serious gaming and sharing.

6 laureats

Doctipharma from Lagardère Active is an innovative service for drugs e-commerce, combining online easy access with professionnal advice from pharmacists. You scan the prescription online, and pick it up at the pharmacy of your choice. Doctipharma develops synergies with well-known Doctissimo (8,5 m viewers).

Hue from Philipps offers connected lighting, or light bulb 2.0! Bulbs can change their color according to moments of your life, they are remotely controlled, and an alert can be sent if light does not switch on. They use LiFi technology, using optical spectrum while WiFi uses radio spectrum, and connect to a bridge, which communicates with your Internet access. Hue opened a web site MeetHue, for the community to create apps on top of connected bulbs.


Digitall for All is a digital training designed for 100 000 Danone employees. It looks like Slideshare, rewards employees with stickers, and addresses all hierarchy level, using ‘reverse mentoring’ for c-level managers! It’s an agile and alert framework to create a competitive advantage leveraging digital.


Tookets is a virtual solidarity currency set-up by Credit Agricole, with a digital mutualist model: employees or customers participate to a Tooket program created by their company, they affect Tookets to associations of their choice, and Tookets are turned into Euros by companies. One Euro accounts for 100 Tookets, m€ 1,4 were distributed in 5 months, involving 280 000 people.

Tookets Credit Agricole

Soon Axa Banque is a mobile banking service specifically designed for tech-sawy youth, to help them monitor their expenses, geolocalizing their payments (turning them into nice memories!), managing its investments, enabling money transfer with Paypal, expressing both fun and confidence through a slick interface (smileys on expenses!). Axa has also initiated a data innovation lab based in Silicon Valley, investigating opportunities with a concern to preserve privacy, and opened in June a smart data incubator in cooperation with Paris Region Lab.

Soon Axa Banque

DIY and handiwork are going digital as well! Selon Vous by Leroy merlin is an online community, converting customers into innovation buyers: Leroy Merlin handles online forums since 2001 (80 000 registrants), it has revisited its existing set-up to facilitate collaborative work and future products creation, vote on ideas, including cocreation, linking participants with product line managers, and rewarding people who engage, the hundred of passionates and cocreators, with a gratifying status.

selon-vous-Leroy merlin

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