Sharing economy, and the new play control

ouisharefest 2014 lanetscouade.comI attended the 2014 Ouisharefest last May, a 3 days event about collaborative economy. Peter Hesseldahl was one of the presenter, and he shared his views in a previous post his views about massive platforms for cocreation. Below are a few additional notes I’ve grabbed from the various speakers during this event rich in food for thought.

A new play control

Design focus is changing: from finished products to processes, creating platforms for cocreation, and from provider to enabler.

The job to be done is moving:

  • From owning and operating hotels to coordinating the use of rooms;
  • From producing and broadcasting content, to managing platforms for interactions and exchanges;
  • From mass production, ‘one size fits all’ and passive consumers, to customization, tools for participation, and creating community around the product to avoid commodization;

“For you, to you” is being replaced by “With you, by you”.


New roles are emerging:

  • for consumers: co-creator, shared responsibility; producer intersecting with consumer: as people become users they become providers, helping to achieve parity in the collaboration;
  • for managers: from control to influence, and leading across organization;
  • for experts: enabling learning, health, innovation.

Renewed business model and organizational model

It’s not just about money, it’s about access and sharing: unused value is waste.

It’s not about ownership: there must be more to life than having everything!

It does not always have a business model: sometimes we do it only for pleasure.

In-direct relation from effort to benefits is changing: my success depends on the success of the others, I don’t see the success coming back to me directly, ‘me’ and ‘we’ intersect. Empathy is the driver building the link between people on collaborative platforms.

Success is smile and silence

This ‘new normal’ requires new tools: trust (trust is central: in trust we trust!) and reputation mechanism, legal contracts for open IPR, organizational models, regulation, taxation, currencies, and vocabulary. We are moving from institutional to distributed power.

Large businesses operate to derisk from what’s going to happen, and potential disruption of their value chain.

Brands look for ways to avoid becoming obsolete, alike ‘tomorrow’s narrowband’, and building sustainable innovation, is another stake of akin cocreation platforms. Innovation is the brand’s lung, and cocreation seems the cornerstone to nurture the relationship between brand and community.



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