Let 500+ startups find you!

startupsCVTom Ireland is Content & Online Marketing Expert at StartupCVs, and a blogger specialist in start-ups. He tells us ‘the reason why’ for StartupCVS, and shares an interesting infography to help you apply appropriately for a job in a start-up: good luck!

TI: ‘We launched StartupCVs to facilitate the yet-so-inefficient recruiting process: a process which is key to startup success. Equipped with leadership experience in both leading European startups and global corporations (eg. Google, BCG, Rocket Internet & HitFox), we are well aware of the everyday struggles of hiring top talent. Being responsible for hundreds of startup hires in the past, we have built a profound expertise in this area. We put a lot of brainpower, manpower, time and effort into StartupCVs to make sure we address both the right candidates as well as the right startups. Now we have built a platform that connects startups with candidates that are really relevant.


We launched in February and since then have been adding new features and functionality to address the needs of both job seekers and recruiters. We are really happy to receive great feedback on a daily basis from both sides. You learn more about some of the people and companies who have used our platform in our We Know Startups series.”

12 Tips That Will Get You Hired at a Startup


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