Faster Innovation Mash-Up in London

Mash UK was organizing a mash-up on Faster Innovation, where they’ve kindly invited me to share the ‘Rapid Innovation Platform‘ experience.

Mash says:

  • Our recent research with innovation, brand and insight professionals from across industries suggested that speed was the single most important barrier to global brands achieving the true growth potential of their innovation. So how can we learn from more agile creative worlds to create a culture of faster innovation while still helping the business to effectively manage risk?
  • The evening will be an opportunity to collaborate with innovators from a diverse range of interesting backgrounds and perspectives, discussing how to compete in an increasingly fast-moving marketplace.

So if you’re in London, why not joining us for an informal and inspiring session?

Rapid Innovation at Mash-Up London

After Mash-up

This fast Innovation Mash-up was truly a succes, and I enjoyed a lot presenting ‘Rapid Innovation Platform‘, and interacting with participants: they were 8 groups of them moving from one expert to another in 15’ speed-meetings, what a race! I’m very grateful to Mash for this vivid experience.


Some Takeouts from the conversations:

  • Autonomy is key to open the door for creativity and fast innovation: delegation and empowerment is sometimes the hardest thing to obtain from managers;
  • Innovation is a discipline, like marketing, engineering. Open innovation, Disruptive innovation, Agile, Design Thinking or Lean Start-up are not only words: they are books to teach you how to run faster and better!
  • To have your innovation accepted by the rest of the company, and avoid the NIH syndrome, create desire for change, and turn innovation as a solution not a problem;
  • Not every innovation will be accepted or reach success: build a balanced innovation portfolio;
  • Innovation propagation is accelerated by modular design, new businesses are instantly created by connecting APIs, and modular design let people create on top of your platform;
  • Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent you from shaping your own game-changing innovation by assembling the modules you believe in.



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