Content table

This table of contents ranks ‘Rapid Innovation’ blog articles according to successive steps of the innovation process:

  • setting-up the organization;
  • creating: drawing the new ideas, creating the concept;
  • developing: transferring elegant concept into simple realization, prototyping, testing, selecting, iterating in team work, designing the leadership platform;
  • engaging the core co and the market in the innovation delivery and propagation from ‘go-to-market’ to ‘crossing the chasm’ stages.

Moore chasm consumer-adoption-curve @digitaltonto

In a way, it can be used as an innovation plan to foster and organize innovation within the company, or to launch and conduct an innovation product.

1. Setting-up a “rapid innovation” task force


Rapid Innovation model

4 types of innovation labs

The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers

Innovation after crisis: is your innovation organization resilient?

Experimenting 100 innovative solutions over 20 countries in Africa

Scaling-up, the next frontier for innovation labs

2017 Open innovation centers: hybrid, and business model oriented

Rapid innovation, a must-have in globalization time

Why rapid innovation matters… now!

Rapid Innovation model

Is there a model for rapid innovation?

Is modular design the key to rapid innovation?

Designing for rapid innovation

Rapid innovation breakthrough

Finding balance with Rapid Innovation

How disruptive innovation drives autonomy and alignment

Rapid innovation, signs of movement

open innovation

Open Innovation, and Intrapreneurship

Open Innovation: Getting started

When open innovation meets rapid innovation

Crossing participative innovation with open innovation

The Intrapreneurs’ Factory

How internal innovators win the game, with Kaihan Krippendorf

The scale-up canvas, a tool for intrapreneurs who want to scale-up

The importance of coaching intrapreneurs

Open Innovation: co-creation, and intrapreneurship with Nicholas Ind

Startups Studio at Orange: from season 1 to season 3

Starting Intrapreneurs Studio at Orange

International Intrapreneurship Conference at Orange

GetKickBox: putting employees in the innovation seat

One stop-shopping for startups at Obratori L’Occitane

Open Innovation at Bouygues Corp

The three musketeers of innovation at Cdiscount

Sky is the limit! Intrapreneurship at Air France

Intrapreneurship is for employees, and business units at Deutsche Bahn

Accelerating new businesses at Thales Digital Factory

Open innovation lead by the purchasing department at GRTGaz

Intrapreneurship at Pernod-Ricard: test and learn in action

Intrapreneurship at Telefonica, lean startup at the menu

A deep dive in Bosch startups platfom Grow

BP Technology Group, challenging the scale-upp capability

Co-pace the organization of Continental for startups and intrapreneurs

4 pillars to let the innovation engine roar at Total Booster

Accelerating innovation with Enedis FastLab

The sky is the limit at INFINITI Lab

Accelerating Corporate Startups at Telekom UQBATE

Defend, extend, and create: innovation for growth at Evonik

Leonard, the 4 pillars of a wise corporate innovation lab

Invent IT: intrapreneurs program at Lufthansa

Intrapreneurship on the rise

Innovation at SMEs

Intrapreneurship is also worth for startups!

Agile intrapreneurship at Lab Covea

The social intrapreneur guide

Participative innovation at France Job Center

#WeLoveStartups: Oracle startups program

Living innovation at Merck Serono

Open Innovation is the new normal at Swarovski

Open Innovation, and Crowd-Innovation

From ideas crowdsourcing to solution search OI platforms

Allfoodexperts, open innovation platform for agri-food industry

Massive cocreation platforms, the new normal?

Three horizons of cocreation

Co-creating brands with Nicholas Ind

How consumers cocreate with Nicholas Ind

Thinking out of the box with crowdsourcing, a conversation with Sihem Jouini

ISPIM Prize for Excellence in Innovation Management awarded to Imagine with Orange

How to innovate with the crowd?

Imagine with Orange

Imagine: crowdinnovation platform, and launchpad for entrepreneurs

Open Innovation approach

Open innovation is not easy, but is facilitated in the digital world

Creative cooperation across borders

Open Innovation in a flash

Creating structured innovation

Innovation as a service!

Open innovation, and distributed business model through APIs

innovation team

Crafting a dedicated Innovation Unit

4 types of innovation labs

The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers

Innovation after crisis: is your innovation organization resilient?

Experimenting 100 innovative solutions over 20 countries in Africa

Scaling-up, the next frontier for innovation labs

2017 Open innovation centers: hybrid, and business model oriented

Coding a Nifty Innovation Unit

Corporate Venture Building Studio, with Tomasz Rudolf from The Heart

Startups studios, a new kind of startups and innovation accelerators

Blue Ocean for your innovation commitment

Immersion in Corporate FabLabs

The Social Media Lab from Belgium

A visit at Media Lab Bayern

Accenture Innovation center, creativity on starting-blocks

Innov’Upat La Poste

Customer driven innovation at Ricoh

Creative expedition at Auchan

BNP Paribas, a network of innovators

Innovation at AXA: innovating like fish schools

BIG, platforms of opportunities for breakthrough innovation

iLab, the fifth column of innovation

Innovation is BIG at Gemalto

Take your ideas faster to market at O2 UK

Creating an innovation entity at Société Générale

We, Renault Creative People…

Leading creative units to success at Renault

Implementing a rapid innovation entity: timeline

Rapid Innovation experience and plan

Rapid Innovation protecting your brand


Innovation leadership

Management Innovation: give management a new lease of life!

Management Innovation: are start-ups free Incorporated?

My “Fantastic Four” of innovation leadership

Innovation is fun! with Philippe Gabilliet

Innovation soft power

Getting innovation timing right

10 tips and 4 remedies to create a framework for rapid innovation

Talents want to be free

Emotional intelligence in coaching and management

Innovation OS

Imagine… the future innovation Operating System

Google vs Apple, same exterior, different innovation engines

Unleashing Google norms, running the “rapid innovation” engine

A dummies guide for innovation

How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in any company, a playbook for change makers with Amy Radin

Managing Innovation portfolio

Exponential innovation, with Tristan Kromer, founder of Kromatic

Give projects a jewellery case: manage your innovation portfolio

Defend, extend, and create: innovation for growth at Evonik

Running the Innovation Pipeline at EADS

Innovation at large companies

Innovation @ large co: large companies have to engage

Innovation @ large co: the start-up incubation and the innovation toolbox

Innovation @ large co: how to position innovation management within the co?

Innovation @ large co: become the innovator you are

Innovation @ large co: Is middle management the main obstacle to innovation?

Digital Transformation

The art of innovation by Pierre-Alexandre Balland

Spring Lab: instilling startups mindset at large companies

There is no transformation without creation: Okoni innovation agency

Let’s digitize innovation process with Collaborne mobile app!

Digital is not a trend!

Chief Digital Officer, pivot player of the digital transformation

The world changes, change the world too! Netexplo Change 2013

Digital Innovation at Netexplo Change 2014

2. Creating

What is your innovation intent?

Innovation is cultural design

Innovation organization only thrives along with innovation culture

Son, listen to the start-up in your heart

When innovators and entrepreneurs intersect

The chance favours the connected mind

Future Synthesist, foreseeing the future in our present, with Cecilia Tham

The architect of the unknown


Framing your innovation

Creative tension is good for you!

Metaphor and belief, two frameworks to found creativity

Getting your innovation team out from serendipity land

3 short stories of great Aha! moments

How to innovate better and faster

Innovation and Design

Towards a new model for innovation: “design inside”! with Brigitte Boja de Mozotta

At the crossroad of design and innovation

Innovation Barcamp for Young Suburban Entrepreneurs

Design Sprint, 5 days for an innovation journey

Okoni innovation agency: there is no transformation without creation

Creative expedition at Auchan

Innov’Up at La Poste

Customer driven innovation at Ricoh

La 27e Région Innovation Lab: be the change that you wish to see

‘Futurs Publics’: innovative modernization of Public action

Design Manager, a comprehensive role in the innovation process by Patrick Le Quément

Office Design shaping a creative mind by Patrick Le Quément

Bucking the system by Patrick Le Quément

When drawing is thinking by Patrick Le Quément

From idea to design, a ‘web to store’ case study

Activating collective intelligence

From solitary genius to holistic approach

Creative innovation: individual leadership and collective intelligence by Thomas Paris

Innovation is fun! with Philippe Gabilliet

Atelier Louis Zero: Spot, Play, Go,… Zero!

Centvingsept by Pixelis: a place for creativity, and branding for good

Wild is the Game: the art of facilitation

Imagine Mobile Money: FinTech start-ups soaring, will Finance be the next disrupted industry?

Triggering creativity

Ethnography and applied anthropology for innovation, and branding with Selva Gaberscek (Labbrand)

Gamification for innovation with Hélène Michel

Innovative design: creating unkwnown objects (C-K approach)

What ‘street golf’ has to do with innovative design?

Stimulate creativity: open-ended objects for brainstorming

Creative insights for disruptive innovation: Blue Ocean Strategy

Welcome to the era of intensive innovation by Gilles Garel

Modern and open innovation is about combining science and creativity by Gilles Garel

New forms of innovation, the creation-communication era

The principles of creative strategy by Michel Saloff-Coste

Creative ecosystem fostering individual genius

Massai phone

Innovation from elsewhere

Innovation Barcamp for Young Suburban Entrepreneurs

Innovation in China with Fabernovel

From Poland to Portugal, Ewa Kopczynska, an innovation globetrotter

Tech for Good? Generation2 is at the forefront of it

Start-ups from another type: tech non-profit at FastForward accelerator

Looking beyond Silicon Valley: 2014 SeedStarsWorld start-ups

Discover Dronee ecosystem for drone developers

MyQ will change the way you travel forever

Smartbeen turns greenhouses smart!

With Slidebean, presentations design themselves!

Strike better relationship with your Gmail correspondents, with Strike!

Get hooked-up at reading with Yakut!

Azimuth makes the mining world more secure in South Africa

RedFish finds the right tradesman for South-African property owners

You don’t need to be the first to be the best, with BitNexo

Berlin’s soft power: leading by innovating

From Israël, with innovation

Frugal innovation: can we Jugaad innovation over here? With Navi Radjou

Nokia is dead, long live Finland’s innovation

Paris Region Lab: welcome to creative start-ups!

Is Paris taking the lead in the digital economy?

Secrets from Silicon Valley’s Entrepreneurs

What makes Silicon Valley so special for digital innovation?

Stanford Ignite: we give you the tools, and you create

Netexplo digital start-ups 2014: a brilliant vintage

Start-up Chile: go start-ups, go!

Digital innovation awards, Netexplo 2013 at Unesco

Show me 40 African start-ups rocking the Internet

Mobile, the way forward to African Internet

Mobile Money & Bitcoin, the unexpected relevance for Africa

Tapping African crowd, using low mobile-tech

Innovation stories – RNDI 2013

Innovations from all over the world – RNDI 2014

Innovation in the Chinese way with François Jullien

Low-cost and disruptive innovation

A manager’s guide to disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn

Low cost, high value: boarding pass to disruption with Christophe Midler

Free, a radical story turning disruptive

‘A little night music’ with Clayton Christensen

Effectuation and disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn

Humanistic innovation

True innovators want to change people’s life by Marc Giget

Strong innovation with a broad impact by Marc Giget

Centvingsept by Pixelis: a place for creativity, and branding for good

USI 2013: an event not to be missed

USI 2013: we’ve got a problem!

USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration

The Unplugged: design innovation as a service for people


3. Developing

Monitoring knowledge circulation collectively

Lessons from 24 years ago, the “rugby approach

How small innovation teams hit the nail

The Lean Startup book, 10 years after: how did if fare across time?

Empower people to create extraordinary products, Marty Cagan and Chris Jones

Inspired book by Marty Cagan, how to create tech products customers love

Living innovation as a collective adventure

Key success factors for corporate innovation, with Michelle Gomes

Introduction to the 100 Task Startup playbook with Martin Bell

Innovation is fun! with Philippe Gabilliet

Creative cooperation across borders

Ten secrets Internet Giants share about growth

Agile at Orange France

Time-boxed organization sprints with Fly The Nest

A reorganization viewed from the inside, with Fly The Nest

Going beyond product innovation, with business model innovation

Business Model Innovation

Romancing the new business model

Turning your corporate assets in new ventures with Five by Five

Reinvent your business model with The DO School

Forget all what you’ve learned about innovation, the “leadership platfom”

Digital markets require disruptive innovation models with Pierre-Jean Benghozi

Rethinking business models for innovation with Valérie Chanal

Innovation for storytelling: new patterns, erstwhile imaginary, creative business models


The revolution of APIs for business model and innovation

Open innovation, and distributed business model through APIs

Elementary particles of innovation

Accelerating Innovation with APIs: Social TV case study at Orange

Enablers of the digital world: the killer-structure

Innovation is iteration

License to kill, “getting rid of the crap”

KISS: Keep It Simple and … Sexy

Make sure your innovation succeed with The Right It, by Alberto Savoia

Inside the innovation engine: 4 “precious little things” to hold dear

The learning innovator (1, 2, 3)

4 roads to innovation

Corporate scaling-up

Pleasure to innovate

The innovation pitfalls

Some sure innovation killers

Radioscopy of an innovation shortcoming

4. Engaging, and scaling

Seeking for innovation acceptance

Innovation organization only thrives along with innovation culture

Fear is my worst enemy

Stop fighting against the organization, create necessity for change

Is middle management the main obstacle to innovation?

Collaborative design, and the social TV case study

Innovation ecosystem and startups

An ecosystem platform for innovation communities, with Lukas Strniste from Corporate Innovators

A visit at Media Lab Bayern

Scaling-up your innovation internationally with Christophe Midler and Sihem Jouini

Start-up, find your accelerator coach

Startups Studios, a new kind of startups accelerators

Le Village by CA, the open-innovation incubator

#WeLoveStartups: Oracle startups program

Let them hack your innovation!

Enablers of the digital world: African street-innovation

Show me 40 African start-ups rocking the Internet

social innovation HUB

Social & collaborative innovation, and the Internet of Things

Social and open innovation, 2 sides of the same coin

The social intrapreneur guide

Tech for Good with Generation 2

Sharing economy and the new play control

Massive platforms for cocreation: the new normal? by Peter Hesseldahl

Internet of Things, from connected to inter-connected objects

The rise of Social Innovation

Unleash creativity, combining Social Innovation with Intelligent Things

Turn your Connected TV to a Smart TV

Wandering from Intelligent Things to Smart TV

Breaking the code for creative ecosystem

Marketing your innovation

The scale-up canvas, a tool for intrapreneurs who want to scale-up

The missing step for start-ups who want to scale-up

Marketing successfully your innovation

Leveraging on social media to market your innovation

A business developer for your innovation: what for?

Communication in innovation

Successful innovations meet “social imaginaries” by Stéphane Hugon

Using a war room to create pervasive innovations

5. Innovating in the TV industry

You say second screen. I say first!

An inside look at Social TV in France

Smart TV and the future of Television

10 take-aways to design my Smart TV for Christmas

Smart TV: who will lead the disruption?

Luminous design for a bright Smart TV experience!

Social TV makes the sparks fly at Orange

Welcome to the era of Social TV!

Once the dust of Social TV hype settles, content recommendation will be changed forever

Personalized TV under scrutiny

Live or VoD, a battle from another age for TVapps













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