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Finding Balance with Rapid Innovation

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Below is a short interview I completed about Rapid Innovation with Emiley McCole,  Marketing at Imaginatik. It stresses on the importance of ‘creative tension’, a simple innovation framework that guides creative teams, and help them focus on meaningful challenges’. Imaginatik helps organizations … Continue reading


How small innovation teams hit the nail

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‘Small Is Beautiful‘ comes from a collection of essays by British economist E. F. Schumacher, first published in 1973. Championing small organizations, believed to empower people, asserting that ‘people can be themselves only in small comprehensible groups’, it strongly contrasts … Continue reading


Open Innovation and distributed business model with API

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Open Innovation can be sustainably supported by API and the cooperation assets it brings. API not only accelerate innovation endeavour, they generate new revenue streams, strengthen your marketing campaigns, and extend your reach in distributed business models. It’s time to … Continue reading


10 secrets Internet Giants share about growth, via Octo Technology

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Internet giants are not only shaping creative business models, they are reinventing the way to manage computer science, software applications, and moreover, to better their human capital. As their new products are intrisincally linked to computing, their reengineering unfolds new … Continue reading


Once the dust of Social TV hype settles, content recommendation will be changed forever (1/2)

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Benjamin Schwarz is an old friend since the early days of IPTV in 2004, and also one of the best professional in digital TV I know. Recognized international expert on converging media and technologies, he bloggs at  CTOIC.net. We often … Continue reading