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Free, a radical story turning disruptive (3/3)

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What is Free’s next disruptive innovation? Let’s borrow Free glasses for a moment, and assess where it will probaly spend the bulk of its time. What will be its road to ‘Free Dom’? Continue reading


Free, a radical story turning disruptive (2/3)

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In 2009, Xavier Niel, Free founder and owner, has made up his mind: the future of Internet will be mobile. How will Free replicate the big hit of the Freebox, associating a dramatic advance in technology (ADSL), with an emblematic product (Freebox) and an unchallenged pricing (€29,9) in the mature mobile market? Continue reading


Free, a radical story turning disruptive (1/3)

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What is radical and what is disruptive innovation? Following clarification on these notions, we go through the story of Free, a French alternative Telco which amazing adventure goes from radical to disruptive innovation. Continue reading


Smart TV: who will lead the disruption?

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Will Smart TV be the same revolution that Smart Phone was for the mobile handset? Is it more an incremental innovation? If the business game welcomes new rules and new entrants, who will be the leader of this disruption? Let’s … Continue reading


To be successful, Smart TV has to centre around the viewer experience

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In the perspective of IP&TV World Forum where I will be speaking on March 23rd, I have completed an interview with IPTVnews editor, Jamie Beach, about latest IP&TV trends: What developments have you witnessed in the IP&TV industry in the … Continue reading


Young consumers dictating the future of TV

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The results of a new research study  – conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco – were published Nov 19th. Investigation of consumer viewing habits and expectations of TV and Internet-delivered TV in the UK (UK TV Alpha Users … Continue reading


Innovation for storytelling: new patterns, erstwhile imaginary, creative business models

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Xavier De La Porte gave on October 31st another accurate interview at Place de la Toile: he talked with Stéphane Hugon about how Internet has grown so fast and taken such an important place in our life. Stephane assumption is … Continue reading