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Free, a radical story turning disruptive (3/3)

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What is Free’s next disruptive innovation? Let’s borrow Free glasses for a moment, and assess where it will probaly spend the bulk of its time. What will be its road to ‘Free Dom’? Continue reading


Free, a radical story turning disruptive (2/3)

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In 2009, Xavier Niel, Free founder and owner, has made up his mind: the future of Internet will be mobile. How will Free replicate the big hit of the Freebox, associating a dramatic advance in technology (ADSL), with an emblematic product (Freebox) and an unchallenged pricing (€29,9) in the mature mobile market? Continue reading


Free, a radical story turning disruptive (1/3)

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What is radical and what is disruptive innovation? Following clarification on these notions, we go through the story of Free, a French alternative Telco which amazing adventure goes from radical to disruptive innovation. Continue reading


An inside look at social TV in France

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Below is a short interview I completed about Social TV with Natan Edelsburg from Lost Remote. It gives a few insights on how Social TV unfolds in France, analyses the various strategies of the players, and what show are the most … Continue reading


Luminous design for a bright Smart TV experience! An interview with Dale Herigstad

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What is the future of Smart TV? How to create a luminous design that will enlighten TV experience across devices, and make it really consistently Smart? Who could tell us the way better than Dale Herigstad. Dale is Chief Interaction … Continue reading


Is there a Model for Rapid Innovation?

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Sharp innovation stemms from constant knowledge exchanges between technology, the markets, an innovation team, as well as other departments of the firm. The bigger you are, the more difficult it is to share active knowledge: how can we set-up a … Continue reading


Wandering from Intelligent Things to Smart TV

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The world of Intelligent Things Netexplo presented recently a meaningful conference related to the world of Intelligent Things. What is this world? Intelligent Things are objects which “become” intelligent because they connect to the Internet. At Lieu du Design, in a … Continue reading