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USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (2/2)

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Innovation thrives on inspiration is something every attendee could feel at USI 2014. Reflect for instance on this claim by Edgar Morin: ‘Our ideas can turn into ideology, and be misleading: we must enter into a dialogue with our ideas’ Continue reading


USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (1/2)

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USI new acronym is quite demanding: Unexpected Sources of Inspiration. Its promise was truly kept this year. Reflect for instance on this claim by Christian Monjou: ‘A innovator is someone who’s being accused of transgression’ Continue reading


USI 2013? We’ve got a problem!

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USI event confirms its singular positioning, at the crossroad between designing future of digital technologies and sharing rewarding and deeply humanist management experiences. Here is a sum-up of the great presentations I attended. Continue reading


The architect of the unknown

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What are the sources of creative ideas? Can creative process be structured? Connect, listen, entice, and architect are 4 actions to unleash creativity, leading to a new managerial role: the architect of the unknown Connect “Where good ideas come from?” … Continue reading


My ‘fantastic four’ of innovation leadership

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Going through the subtle writings completed by Gautam Mukunda on leadership, “Leaders Don’t Matter (Most of the Time)”, I was wondering: “who are the leaders who mattered to me?” The long tail of leaders I’m not going to argue about … Continue reading