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Invent IT: Lufthansa Intrapreneurs Program by Carina Leue-Bensch

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New Business and Innovation manager at Lufthansa Systems, and key executive of the Invent IT Intrapreneurs program, Carina Leue-Bensch takes us step by step through this extensive journey, and draws some leassons learned out of this 10 years experience. Continue reading


Intrapreneurship is also worth for startups!

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I met with Sylvain Tillon a few weeks ago in the course of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program set-up by Dominique Van Deth. I must say I was quite impressed by his entrepreneurship know-how. This was not the end … Continue reading


A business developer for your innovation: what for?

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When we think of innovation, the ideation part often comes first in mind. Then, the iphone story, and design thinking approach have led us to realize that an intense collective and iterative execution is required to turn an attractive idea, … Continue reading


Starting Intrapreneurs Studio at Orange

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Intrapreneurship is about opening the innovation doors to every employee, and build on his resilience to bring an innovative product faster to the market. What have we learned from creating the Intrapreneurs Studio at Orange? Surely that’s intrapreneurship is not only about innovation, but also about human development. Continue reading


Gamification for innovation: cubification in action with Hélène Michel and Opopoï

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Hélène Michel is a brilliant professor at Management School of Grenoble, with a PhD in Management, a strong experience in innovation and gamification. She tells us about her gamification approach for innovation, called Cubification, implemented within several companies with Opipoï, a young agency lead by Mathias Salanon. Continue reading


Pleasure to Innovate, with Stéphane Bernard

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Stéphane Bernard published with Olivier Pujol ‘Pleasure to innovate’, finding out the idea, and executing it. He kindly accepted to answer our questions on innovation learnings. Continue reading


Innov’Up at La Poste (French mail company) with Aude Le Carpentier

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Aude Le Carpentier is in charge of Innov’Up Creativity, in the Service-Mail-Parcel sector of La Poste. She’s a 27 year-old manager of a team of 15 creative people, helping business teams to develop innovative services. Let’s dig in into her enthusiastic experience. Continue reading