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The principles of creative strategy, by Michel Saloff-Coste

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Michel explains here the pillars of creative strategy: a culture based on interaction as synergy, a management that relies on fulfillment of the group or of individuals, a system rewarding the capacity to respond in a creative, autonomous and critical manner, and a structure vergeing on alterity and innovation. Continue reading


USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (2/2)

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Innovation thrives on inspiration is something every attendee could feel at USI 2014. Reflect for instance on this claim by Edgar Morin: ‘Our ideas can turn into ideology, and be misleading: we must enter into a dialogue with our ideas’ Continue reading


USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (1/2)

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USI new acronym is quite demanding: Unexpected Sources of Inspiration. Its promise was truly kept this year. Reflect for instance on this claim by Christian Monjou: ‘A innovator is someone who’s being accused of transgression’ Continue reading


Innovation Soft Power

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Over time I realize how it is less vital to design things by myself, and more impactful to sense and inspire. Continue reading


Son, listen to the start-up in your heart

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Here are 6 mantras I’ve forged or picked up along the innovation track, that I would like to share with the loved ones. Continue reading


3 short stories of great Aha! moments, via Etienne Klein

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Etienne Klein is a research director at CEA, conducting experiments in Physics, and involved in great achievements such as Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. Here he tells us a colourful story about the way original … Continue reading


The architect of the unknown

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What are the sources of creative ideas? Can creative process be structured? Connect, listen, entice, and architect are 4 actions to unleash creativity, leading to a new managerial role: the architect of the unknown Connect “Where good ideas come from?” … Continue reading