Open Innovation: co-creation, and intrapreneurship with Nicholas Ind

Open Innovation is multifacets: Nicholas takes us through co-creation, and intrapreneurship

The Intrapreneurs’ Factory

The intrapreneurs’ factory is a practical guide for corporate managers and intrapreneurs, which takes you through 10 shrewd steps to build a program for intrapreneurs, and let you discover over 20 exemplary intrapreneurs stories

Intrapreneurship at Pernod-Ricard: test and learn in action

Astrid Froment created Kangaroo Fund, an open innovation Fund for the 18,000 Pernod Ricard Employees, and an intrapreneurship program adopting experimentation & lean Start Up. In 2 seasons, it generated more than 250 ideas, 20 finalists, and 10 ideas incubated… She shares with us this exciting story.

Intrapreneurship and Startups Studio at Orange, from season 1 to season 3

Intrapreneurship is about opening the innovation doors to every employee, and build on his resilience to bring an innovative product faster to the market. What have we learned from creating the Intrapreneurs Studio at Orange? Surely that’s intrapreneurship is not only about innovation, but also about human development.

Innovation Labs: open innovation, outside and inside the corporation (4/4)

4 types of innovation labs: following the description of the 1) Disruptive Labs, and 2) Rapid Innovation Labs, we move now to the 3) Open Innovation Labs, and 4) Innovation Culture and Intrapreneurship Labs.