Innovation Labs: compose your recipe for success (1/4)

4 types of innovation labs are emerging: 1) Disruptive Labs 2) Rapid Innovation Labs 3) Open Innovation Labs, and 4) Innovation Culture and Intrapreneurship Labs. Before describing them in details, we complete in this post a short litterature review.


Intrapreneurship on the rise

What’s going on with intrapreneurship? Initiatives seem to multiply in France. We analyse a few causes, go through signs of movement like Les Hacktivateurs recent association, and show how Orange open innovation actions complements internal innovation. Finally, we demonstrate how the 4 principles supporting Rapid Innovation are a great framework to sustain intrapreneurship.

BNP Paribas Bank: a network of innovators, with Aude Albert

Aude Albert’s mission is to develop the BNP Paribas Innovation Community: sharing best practices and business watch, facilitating connections, leading transversal projects, in cooperation with business lines’ Heads of Innovation. She explains for us the various initiatives developed to foster a culture of innovation, heading to a Group Innovation Ecosystem.