A dummies guide for innovation, by Pierre d’Huy and Jérôme Lafon

Pierre d’Huy and Jérôme Lafon share all the secrets of Innovation Management in their encyclopedic and brilliant book, ‘A dummies guide for innovation’.


Discover Dronee ecosystem for drone developers

Dronee, winner of Seedstarsworld start-ups competition in Baku presents a drone with an application & hardware platform that developers can leverage. Tomi Piriyev, founder of Dronee, lets us discover Dronee more in-depth.

BIG, platforms of opportunities for breakthrough innovation at Pernod Ricard, with Alain Dufossé

BIG is the unit targeted to breakthrough innovation initiated by Pernod-Ricard group. Rather than stepping into single opportunities, BIG develops ‘platforms of opportunities’, fostering a comprehensive dialogue with business units. Let’s follow our guide, Alain Dufossé, BIG’s Managing Director.

ILab, the ‘fifth-column’ of innovation at Air Liquide, with Gregory Olocco

Gregory Olocco heads the iLab, Air Liquide ‘lethal weapon’ for breakthrough innovation. ‘Create value by accelerating the pace of innovation’ is its mantra. iLab is acting boldly to unearth a fifth line of business for Air Liquide. That’s the reason I named it the ‘fifth column of innovation’!