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Communication in innovation: forget about innovation washing! by Inès Dartiguenave

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Communication, marketing and innovation: an explosive cocktail for a powerful brand! Inès Dartiguenave examines 3 steps where communication and innovation can substantially benefit from each other. Continue reading


Where Innovators and Entrepreneurs Intersect

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Autonomy, liberty, divergence are innovation drivers but are they opposite to management rules? In other words, “Can innovation or innovative design be managed?” asks Gilles Garel in his “Innovation Chair” speech. Management science is the way to lead a collective … Continue reading


Leveraging on social media to market your innovation

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Leveraging on social media  Social media is an economic and fluent way to build awareness, and a return loops with your customers.  It enables accurate shots, targeting successive online communities, with creative opportunities at limited expenses: Facebook “like” and Tweeter can contribute strongly to spread … Continue reading


Marketing successfully your innovation

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Marketing innovation traps Once you’ve enough  iterated your innovation to sharpen it to go to market, you might feel relieved. But there are still several traps to address if you’re willing to “cross the chasm“. 1. Needs aren’t enough Identify “an intense and shared need” … Continue reading


Transmedia audiences and brands

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This post is written in two hands, with Jean-Yves Lemoine, a pioneer of the Transmedia domain, working on the convergence between technology, content and usage, and one of the contributor to the foundation of Orange Transmedia Lab. A transmedia story … Continue reading