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Live or VOD, a battle from another time for TV apps, by Iris Yuster

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As video on tablet becomes primary, VOD and TV apps must update rapidly. The artificial separation between “Live TV’ and “VOD” apps is an outdated argument. Iris takes us through a typical user journey to make his point. Continue reading


Personalized TV Under Scrutiny, by Iris Yuster

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A TV-related app that offers a well-balanced implantation of personalization and recommendations will generate usage and increase revenues. Iris Yuster details some tips for us. Continue reading


Tapping African mobile crowd using low mobile-tech, by Margaux Pelen

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In Africa, it’s not because a technology is available that it should be used, the goal is on the opposite to look for the biggest tech common denominator to reach out to the largest number of users. Continue reading


Mobile Money and Bitcoin, the unexpected relevance for Africa, by Margaux Pelen

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When I first played with the mobile wallet, it seemed unreal to send money away for free… Continue reading


Mobile, the way forward to African Internet, by Margaux Pelen

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Margaux Pelen, a young but already serial entrepreneur, shares with us some learnings from her experience in Africa. Mobile might well turn to be the way forward to Internet in Africa. Continue reading


From idea to design, a ‘web to store’ case study by Iris Yuster

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One of the most important keys to the success of an App is the understanding of user behavior. Dr. Iris Yuster shows how to successfully balance business goals, technological capabilities, and potential user behavior in a mobile shopping app. Continue reading


Show me 40 African start-ups rocking the Internet

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African innovation is rooted in mobile stunning expansion. Demo Africa is the right place to witness technology at its birth and to report on the next big thing from Africa. Africa’s Internet somehow prefigures our future. Continue reading