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Communication in innovation: forget about innovation washing! by Inès Dartiguenave

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Communication, marketing and innovation: an explosive cocktail for a powerful brand! Inès Dartiguenave examines 3 steps where communication and innovation can substantially benefit from each other. Continue reading


An inside look at social TV in France

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Below is a short interview I completed about Social TV with Natan Edelsburg from Lost Remote. It gives a few insights on how Social TV unfolds in France, analyses the various strategies of the players, and what show are the most … Continue reading


Orange’s ‘Blended TV’ and the impact of ‘social’ in television

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Lecture at Connected TV Summit 2012: TV viewing unfolds a myriad of habits Social TV is a game changer Social media makes the sparks fly at Orange Social TV component, a creative innovation approach


Social TV makes the sparks fly at Orange

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I will be speaking at Connected TV Summit next Wednesday about “Orange’s ‘Blended TV’ and the impact of ‘social’ in television“. Following a previous interview with IPTV News by Jamie Beach last February, let’s come back on the uptake of … Continue reading


Is there a Model for Rapid Innovation?

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Sharp innovation stemms from constant knowledge exchanges between technology, the markets, an innovation team, as well as other departments of the firm. The bigger you are, the more difficult it is to share active knowledge: how can we set-up a … Continue reading


Welcome to the era of Social TV!

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I will be speaking within the stream “Social TV & The New UI” at the IP&TV World Forum 2012 event, taking place in London on 20th-22nd March, 2012. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.iptv-forum.com. Below is a … Continue reading


Once the dust of Social TV hype settles, content recommendation will be changed forever (2/2)

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In this second part of the conversation (part I), Ben Schwarz, CEO, CTOi Consulting, and Nicolas Bry, Senior VP, Orange Vallee, continue their detailed analysis of how to harness Content Discovery and Social TV, and introduce the concept of Blended … Continue reading