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Innovation management : Are start-ups free Incorporated ? by Sophie Cohendet

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Sophie Cohendet is passionate about management innovation. She is partner of LearnAssembly, a start-up who help companies to develop their entrepreneurial and digital culture. What parallels can we really do between a start-up and a free inc. ? is the point she develops here. Continue reading


Management Innovation: give management a new lease of life! by Sophie Cohendet

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In the current challenging and uncertain context, management innovation can be seen as the most powerful competitive advantage as it is in-depth shaping an unrivaled corporate identity, which cannot easily be copied. Continue reading


‘Is Middle Management the main obstacle to innovation in large co?’ by Koen Boeykens

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When middle management is risk-averse, and stopping innovation from happening, is a parallel path, with a separate brand, the way forward? Koen Boeykens shares with us his innovation experience at KPN Continue reading


Innovation Soft Power

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Over time I realize how it is less vital to design things by myself, and more impactful to sense and inspire. Continue reading


Radioscopy of an innovation shortcoming

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It happens everyday: processes slow down innovation. Stage process don’t flow without meaning. Going through a fictional innovation story, we sort 2 lessons out around ‘feature team’ and ‘leadership’, that would be worth tested in your next innovation challenge. Continue reading


Blue Ocean for your innovation commitment

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New comers show tremendous initiatives: Spotify, Flavi, Netflix, Valve have successfully implemented flexible empowering organizations, and humanistic culture values. One might wonder which model to embrace. Blue Ocean approach gives us a few tips we can apply to craft your own strategy: tuning the level of key attributes of innovation value proposition. Continue reading


Innovation is fun!

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As innovators, our life is regularly facing the “Jumping Hurdles and Closing Gates on Innovation” described by Paul Hobcraft (@Paul4innovating).
From idea to execution, innovation has many places to lose its way. Vijay Govindarajan describes it sharply in his “From idea to execution” (2005, Dec) article: the “innovative project will be clashing with the existing organization at multiple levels, long after the idea generation stage”.
But innovation is an “optimistic path”! Continue reading