Innovation management : Are start-ups free Incorporated ? by Sophie Cohendet

Sophie Cohendet is passionate about management innovation. She is partner of LearnAssembly, a start-up who help companies to develop their entrepreneurial and digital culture. What parallels can we really do between a start-up and a free inc. ? is the point she develops here.

Management Innovation: give management a new lease of life! by Sophie Cohendet

In the current challenging and uncertain context, management innovation can be seen as the most powerful competitive advantage as it is in-depth shaping an unrivaled corporate identity, which cannot easily be copied.

Blue Ocean for your innovation commitment

New comers show tremendous initiatives: Spotify, Flavi, Netflix, Valve have successfully implemented flexible empowering organizations, and humanistic culture values. One might wonder which model to embrace. Blue Ocean approach gives us a few tips we can apply to craft your own strategy: tuning the level of key attributes of innovation value proposition.

Innovation is fun!

As innovators, our life is regularly facing the “Jumping Hurdles and Closing Gates on Innovation” described by Paul Hobcraft (@Paul4innovating).
From idea to execution, innovation has many places to lose its way. Vijay Govindarajan describes it sharply in his “From idea to execution” (2005, Dec) article: the “innovative project will be clashing with the existing organization at multiple levels, long after the idea generation stage”.
But innovation is an “optimistic path”!