Tapping African mobile crowd using low mobile-tech, by Margaux Pelen

In Africa, it’s not because a technology is available that it should be used, the goal is on the opposite to look for the biggest tech common denominator to reach out to the largest number of users.

Enablers of the Digital World: African street-innovation (2/2)

For international Telcos, the challenge is to embellish the network with services and APIs . To capture local patterns, going in the field and meeting with local mobile app makers and entrepreneurs, connecting trends to innovation Labs, and desiging bespoke enablers, testing, learning and iterating with developers community, are the ingredients of the right formula.

Enablers of the Digital World: the killer-structure (1/2)

How should Telcos innovate? Slow players in a fast innovating digital world, the equation seems complex. Based on an in-depth analysis, Ovum stresses on a few priorities: extended innovation benefits measurement, network-driven innovation, collaborative innovation and API, leaders involvement, and a new role for Telcos, ‘Enablers of the Digital World’.