Live or VOD, a battle from another time for TV apps, by Iris Yuster

As video on tablet becomes primary, VOD and TV apps must update rapidly. The artificial separation between “Live TV’ and “VOD” apps is an outdated argument. Iris takes us through a typical user journey to make his point.

Innovation is fun!

As innovators, our life is regularly facing the “Jumping Hurdles and Closing Gates on Innovation” described by Paul Hobcraft (@Paul4innovating).
From idea to execution, innovation has many places to lose its way. Vijay Govindarajan describes it sharply in his “From idea to execution” (2005, Dec) article: the “innovative project will be clashing with the existing organization at multiple levels, long after the idea generation stage”.
But innovation is an “optimistic path”!

Unleash creativity, combining Social Innovation with Intelligent Things

There are many examples where Intelligent Things embrace open innovation paths and collaborative design approach. One might actually ask: does Intelligent … More