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Social TV makes the sparks fly at Orange

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I will be speaking at Connected TV Summit next Wednesday about “Orange’s ‘Blended TV’ and the impact of ‘social’ in television“. Following a previous interview with IPTV News by Jamie Beach last February, let’s come back on the uptake of … Continue reading


Luminous design for a bright Smart TV experience! An interview with Dale Herigstad

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What is the future of Smart TV? How to create a luminous design that will enlighten TV experience across devices, and make it really consistently Smart? Who could tell us the way better than Dale Herigstad. Dale is Chief Interaction … Continue reading


Smart TV: who will lead the disruption?

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Will Smart TV be the same revolution that Smart Phone was for the mobile handset? Is it more an incremental innovation? If the business game welcomes new rules and new entrants, who will be the leader of this disruption? Let’s … Continue reading


Pay TV is not dead, and IPTV is a keen contributor

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According to Le Figaro article written by Marie-Catherine Beuth Nov 8 and ABI Research study, over 690 millions people pay to watch television. The number of pay-TV subscribers has had a 2% increase from quarter 2 to quarter 3. One of … Continue reading


Smart TV and future of Television

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I’ve been through a very interesting article from Mark Suster, an experienced manager in the digital economy, now working at GRP Partners since 2007 as a General Partner and focusing on early-stage technology companies. It is called The Future of … Continue reading

VOD market almost doubled in France in 2008

VOD market is on high growth in France. According to GFK & NPA Conseil, almost 6 millions VOD have been streamed or donwloaded during first 2008 semester; that’s twice last year result! It seems that SVoD is a strong contributor to these results with over 25 000  new subscribers each month (see previous article on VOD pricing & customer experience at nbry.wordpress.com/2007/12/).

Amongst others SVoD offerings, one can now give in to temptation at Free (Free Home Video or Frissons Extremes), 9Cegetel (Pass Kids with Titeuf, Pokémon, Bugs Bunny, Kid Paddle…), and Orange (24/24 Jeunesse, and the expected shortcoming cinema offering based on exclusive deal with HBO & warner).

I guess also that revisited user interface can change a lot in consumer consumption: that seems to be the case for the new interface that we designed at 9Cegetel last year, and which has a strong impact.

Let’s wait now for the end of year to record that VOD revenue overpasse the m€ 50 threshold!

Irresistible IPTV growth in France

We believe that France will soon reach 5-6 mn IPTV subscribers!” That’s one of the statement from the interview I have given to IPTV News, during the IPTV Forum which took place in London last March. Despite strong competition from other cable & satellite platforms, I believe that IPTV has a chance to reach similar mass-market status in France “because IPTV brings a new user interface, new interactive services and new on-demand services“. The complete interview is available at : http://www.iptv-news.com/content/view/1987/73/ and let’s hope this statement of belief becomes soon real!