Rapid Innovation platform

Rapid innovation model is a platform to accelerate innovation, regenerating bold ideas where company’s  daily business may prevent it, moving faster from concept to elegant design and experience, and facilitating innovation acceptance, turning it into the new tradition.

4 principles of a platform for rapid innovation

Rapid Innovation involves 4 principles:

  • Autonomy: first principle is to give autonomy to the innovation team, assuming autonomy is the mother of motivation and creativity;
  • Creative tension: second principle, is about ‘creative tension’; considering that fuzziness does not help the innovation team, we suggest company’s leader should commit to set-up stretched goals (‘timeboxed’ project), and then let the team lead the team in a start-up mode, progressing collectively;
  • Strategic alignment: third principle is strategic alignment; being different does not mean being separate, innovation team needs alignment with the core, involving a shared innovation portfolio, and nurturing a network of innovation peers and relationships, to facilitate innovation acceptance;
  • Modular design: finally, fourth principle is modular design: to streamline cooperation, let’s design modules and deliver API that will let others create value on top of your platform.

The latest presentation of the Rapid Innovation platform was completed in December 2014, at  European Union ICT Labs day for Urban Life and Mobility, and can be downloaded here: Rapid Innovation EIT ICT Labs 20141218 NB

Rapid Innovation 2019

Rapid Innovation model – release 1 – 2011

I have presented initial release of Rapid Innovation model at an innovation lecture completed at HEC Business School in March 2011.

It is picked out from the professional thesis on Rapid Innovation completed at HEC in 2010. The agenda covers the following topics:

  • Foreword and introduction
  • Rapid innovation, why ?
  • Rapid innovation, how?
    • Academic review and case studies
    • Acceleration levers
    • Proposition of a model
    • Implementation timeline
  • Rapid innovation, what results?
  • Perspectives for rapid innovation

To download the presentation: rapidinnovationnicomasterbat5-20110301.

Rapid Innovation model – articles – 2011-2012

To get a more worded text on the emergence of “Rapid Innovation” model, one can read “Rapid Innovation model – V1”, and to understand the latest evolution of the model, unfolding Innovation by Component approach, have a look to “Rapid Innovation model -V2”.

To capture how it can be implemented, the “Rapid innovation plan”article is intended to be a pragmatic user guide for rapid innovation set-up, and “Rapid Innovation model – V3” show how to Design for Rapid Innovation.

Rapid Innovation model – release 2 – 2012

In the lecture on Rapid Innovation model completed in October 2012 at Anvie association, I have included the latest evolution of the model introducing a fourth principle, modular design / innovation by component approach, with the following agenda:

  • Rapid Innovation, why?
  • Rapid Innovation, how?
    • Release 1
    • Release 2
  • Rapid Innovation, what results?
    • Benefits
    • Extension

Rapid Innovation V2

To download the presentation: Rapid Innovation model V2 NBry 20121023


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