4 pillars to let the innovation engine roar, at Total Booster

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The Booster is a corporate entity that supply other group’s entities with an offering to support innovation and digital transformation. But it’s also a state of mind… Continue reading


Accelerating innovation with Enedis FastLab

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The Enedis FastLab approach is a new intern approach to accelerate the digital projects of Enedis.
This approach is at the meantime a Rapid Innovation Lab and an Innovation Culture Lab. Continue reading


The Havard Innovation Labs: becoming an experimentation machine

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Matthew Guidarelli is an adviser for entrepreneurs across industries. He was previously part of the leadership team and participated in the evolution & expansion of the Harvard Innovation Labs. He tells us more about the Harvard Labs, and about his new venture, Folly Ventures. Continue reading


The importance of coaching intrapreneurs

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Intrapreneurship is an innovation engine for the corporation. But does it soar on its own? Or does it require some guidance and coaching to blossom? Continue reading


The sky is the limit at INFINITI Lab

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INFINITI has recently opened the INFINITI LAB, dedicated to “world’s boldest innovators as they work to advance our lives”. Darren gives us an hand to explore the LAB. Continue reading


Introduction to the 100 Task Startup playbook

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Martin Bell is a global startup advisor, angel investor, and Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures. He was previously with Rocket Internet SE, and helped build, scale, and assess ~50 companies. He came up recently with a new tool for … Continue reading


Startups Studio at Orange, from season 1 to season 3

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Intrapreneurship is about opening the innovation doors to every employee, and build on his resilience to bring an innovative product faster to the market. What have we learned from creating the Intrapreneurs Studio at Orange? Surely that’s intrapreneurship is not only about innovation, but also about human development. Continue reading