Lectures about Open Innovation, and Intrapreneurship


The Intrapreneurs’ Factory at Boye & Co Expert Inspiration Community  – 2020

The Intrapreneurs’ Factory at Innov8rs Connect Conference  – 2019

  • Presentation of the book The Intrapreneurs’ Factory;
  • Conversation with Air France Intrapreneurship Manager Marine Gall, and Jean-Baptiste Richardet, intrapreneur from Malakoff Mederic and co-founder of Cameo.

Orange Intrapreneurs Studio at Sup’Internet, a shooting by Olivier Mokaddem, Fast & Fresh  – 2018

Orange Intrapreneurs Studio – Orange Gardens Jury Season 3 2018

Orange Intrapreneurs Studio – TM Forum 2018

Orange Intrapreneurs Studio – Ministère de Bercy 2018

Orange Intrapreneurs Studio – Orange Gardens Jury Season 2 2018

Barcamp Entrepreneurs des Quartiers – Orange 2017 – Pernod-Ricard 2018 – Renault 2018

Startups Incubation at Orange – EBG Digital Day 2017

Innovation Management at Orange Valley – ISPIM Vienna 2017

TedX Meudon – Making your dream a reality of everyday – 2017

Intrapreneurship, a new path for innovation – Y+K – 2016

En aparté pour, le magazine des outils Internet, Kévin Mamodé – 2016


Interview on Radical and Disruptive Innovation with Norman Villaret, l’Ecole Européene des Métiers de l’Internet – 2016


Innovations et coopérations en espace ouvert : Imagine with Orange, Rencontres Nationales des Directeurs de l’Innovation – 2015



TedX Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Le crowdsourcing au service de l’innovation, Imagine with Orange‘ – 2015


Luxe et digital, vers un modèle d’innovation collaborative, Imagine with Orange, panel au DLM (Digital Luxe Meeting) – 2015


Internet of Things, panel on Quantified Self, Quantified Environment at Netexplo – 2015

Netexplo 2015


Rapid Innovation, interview with Michel Saloff at Institut Internationale de Prospective sur les Ecosystèmes Innovants (Université Catholique de Lille) – 2015


Rapid innovation platform‘ presentation EIT ICT Labs (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) – 2014


Le Marketing d’Engagement au coeur du marketing mix, Imagine with Orange – panel at Marketing Day – 2014


IBC TV Show News: Interview with IBC Leaders’ Summit Speakers – 2014

IBC TV News interview


‘Rapid innovation in digital time’, pourquoi et comment bloguer sur l’innovation ? Mardis de l’Innovation – 2014



Objets connectés, la nouvelle révolution ? débat avec @RFalzerana @nicobry @asbordry à @digitalbiznews – 2014


Internet of Things, introducing John Matherly for Shogan, award winner at Netexplo – 2014


Disruptive innovation and video-over-mobile, London TV Connect – 2014


Accelerating Innovation with APIs, Moscow Promsvyazbank Innovation forum2013 (starting 1′ 40″)


TV sociale et connectée, quel apport pour l’information ? Social TV API, Assises du Journalisme, Metz – 2013


Rapid Innovation in Social TV and multiscreen experiences, London TV Connect2013


Social TV and Modular Design, The Euro 50 of Digital TV European – 2012

Online shopping and ads on 2nd screen, London OTT TV2012


Orange’s ‘Blended TV’, the impact of ‘social’ in TV, London Connected TV – 2012



Rapid innovation at Paris Club of Innovation Managers – 2011


Social TV, Amsterdam IBC Videonet interview – 2011 Cross Video Days, Paris digital storytelling panel – 2011


What is the transmedia augmented video player? – 2011


Orange Social TV, London Connected TV 2011


Rapid Innovation at Orange Vallée, London Telcom TV 2.02010


Innovation at Orange Vallée, and Rapid Innovation model, Paris Orange-Business TV –  2010


Future of Television, Paris Cap Digital2010


Orange Transmedia Lab, Paris Barcamp #2 – 2010


Transmedia and brand content panel, Paris SNPTV2010


What are the Orange Transmedia Lab innovative tools? Cannes MIPTV – 2010


What is Transmedia? Cannes MIPTV –  2010


Transmedia Panel at Paris Science2010 Transmedia debate, Paris 2.0 2010


Introduction to Transmedia Festival 4 Ecrans, Paris – 2009


Innovation and Transmedia Lab, Paris 2.02009


Creative Business Models for Content online – Présidence française de l’Union européenne 2008, Paris –  2008


IPTV uptake in France, London IPTV forum,  – 2008



Favourite Videos about innovation and design:


  1. Managing innovation, Gary Hamel and Reinventing Management
  2. The deep dive, one company secret weapon for innovation, Inside Ideo, ABC, the shopping cart story
  3. Steve Jobs at Stanford University, connecting the dots, find what you love to do, stay hungry, stay foolish
  4. Nurturing a culture of innovation at Gore, Terri Kelly, MITWorld
  5. Design thinking, Tim Brown, TED
  6. Turn design toward beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion, Don Norman, TED
  7. Henry Chesbrough, Open innovation
  8. Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ive on Design
  9. Philipps Design, a creative force for innovation
  10. Innovation, design and storytelling (the Golden Gate metaphor), Jack Dorsey
  11. Interactive design, Dale Herigstad
  12. L’innovation est une voie optimiste, Philippe Gabilliet, ESCP Europe

“Think different” video:

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